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Equity Market Insights – Testing Our Faith In Value Investing

Value Investing is Teasing Us

  • Value under-performed Growth last week in the US and abroad – some of this is sector driven
  • Investors are losing faith in Value but should out-perform should the broad market tumble (lower beta)
  • Global equities had a rough week under-performing bonds
  • EM Equities continue under-performing YTD but last week lost the least (-0.3%)
  • Our models have recently turned more cautious about EM stocks despite being much cheaper than their developed market counterparts
  • Our top-rated asset class at the moment is International Developed Markets (EAFE) but last week was not good for this asset (-0.9%)
  • Year-to-date US equities are vastly out-performing international assets – strong home bias fuelled by strong US growth plus an appreciating US dollar
  • Momentum strategies are losing their effectiveness but remain top dog for the year
  • There is no sign of fear among investors – our Risk Aversion Index remains in the Exuberant Zone
  • We remain perplexed by this lack of concern especially as central banks are becoming less stimulative and the possibility of an all-out Global Trade War is rising



Countries & Region:

  • Poor showing in the last 5 days with Japan being the only major market showing gains
  • Equities under-performed bonds last week
  • Growth out-performed Value over the last 5 trading days in the US as well as internationally
    • Traditional Value sectors such as Materials and Financials gave up some of the gains from prior weeks
  • Energy performed best in the US as well as in global indices


Style & Sector:

  • In the US, mega-caps outperformed (lost less, unfortunately)
  • Value once again under-performed Growth –mainly due to losses in the Materials and Finance sectors
  • Growth and Momentum keep dominating YTD among US stocks
  • Asian Developed markets (mostly Japan) boosted international market returns but EAFE was still down for the week
  • EM LATAM recovered last week but trouble continues in the region (Brazil and Argentina)


This Coming Week:

  • Risk Aversion continues to surprise on the downside – maybe old historical metrics don’t apply anymore? We don’t agree!
  • Momentum and growth were kings once again last week – can this continue? Will Value only out-perform in a crisis?
  • The battle may not be between growth and value – feels more like momentum versus reversal
  • Tariff wars do not seem to have much of an effect on US stocks – will this persist?
  • Small caps have quietly under-performed large caps over the last 3 months – has anybody noticed? YTD they are still ahead but barely
  • Will EM equities recover? Seems to be all about the direction of the US dollar at the moment


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Eric J. Weigel

Global Focus Capital LLC




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