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Global Focus Capital LLC

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Global Focus Capital is an investment research and consulting business based in Boston, MA founded by Eric J. Weigel

Our mission at Global Focus Capital is to provide investors with investment solutions that satisfy their long-term goals in a transparent, conceptually understandable, and cost efficient manner.

While global capital market conditions are always in flux and investors are bombarded with a myriad of daily (mostly negative) news flow, our investment approach is instead based on a small number of time-invariant economic concepts rooted in academic research complemented by decades of real world experience.

Our view at Global Focus Capital is that there are only a small number of key principles that investors need pay attention to in satisfying their financial goals.

These principles are common sense – know what your goals are, understand how much risk you are willing to take and its consequences, refrain from getting sucked in by the story of the day, and adhering to long-term proven investment concepts all done in a cost efficient manner.

By focusing on long-term proven investment concepts, the research-based approach used at Global Focus Capital is designed to find simplicity and a small number of key investible insights in the context of wildly fluctuating global capital markets that to most people appear highly chaotic and undecipherable.

At Global Focus Capital we aim to provide investors with common sense solutions to their investment needs. While capital markets can be highly volatile and seemingly complex, we strive for simplicity and clarity by focusing on a small number of conceptually understandable and research-based insights.


We offer a wide range of services.

Asset Management

Traditional and Alternative Strategies offering risk-managed, long-term capital appreciation in conjunction with Little House Capital, an SEC-registered advisor.
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Global Capital Market Analysis centered on multi-asset portfolio strategies, Global Equity Themes and Performance Trends.
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Comprehensive Portfolio Reviews, Current Risk Assessment/Portfolio Positioning,  Alternative Asset Strategy investment reviews, and Equity Theme Basket Construction including ESG strategies
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