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Philosophy & Process

Investment Philosophy

Our research is guided by our conceptual understanding of how capital markets behave both in the short and long-term

  • Fundamentals (income, growth and valuation) determine asset performance over the long-term
  • In the short-term asset prices tend to overshoot on both the upside and the downside reflecting changing investor sentiment and thus creating value enhancing opportunities
  • The capital markets are constantly evolving and, therefore, having methodologies to distinguish the signal from ┬áthe noise is critical to achieving attractive risk-adjusted performance
  • All assets whether at the asset class or at the security level posses a multidimensional profile reflecting their expected return, associated risks and relationship with other assets


We manage all of our activities to achieve risk-controlled long-term wealth accumulation in the context of the clients’ objectives and risk tolerance

The Global Focus Capital research approach is designed to dynamically distill a small number of robust insights or themes and ignore the often high level of day-to-day noise in the capital markets

Our starting point for researching and ultimately building portfolios are broad universes of global securities across a wide spectrum of style, market capitalization and risk dimensions

Our methodologies combine top-down capital market, region and economic sector views with bottom-up security selection perspectives

We strive to maintain flexibility in our target portfolios and during periods of extreme investor stress or euphoria we evaluate the contextual setting of the capital markets and tactically adjust portfolio risk profiles

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