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Who We Are

Eric-W-BWEric J. Weigel is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Global Focus Capital.  The firm serves institutional investors as well as advisors out-sourcing their investment management efforts.

Mr. Weigel also serves as the Chief Investment Officer for Insight Financial Strategists, a Boston-based wealth management firm.

Mr. Weigel began his career with the Federal Reserve in 1984. He subsequently worked at Russell Investments in the capital market research group focusing on the development of global tactical asset allocation strategies, macro-based risk models, and derivative pricing models.

After leaving Russell in 1993 he has headed up a variety of senior portfolio and research efforts within established firms such as Hermes, MFS, Pioneer, Chancellor/LGT and Invesco as well as entrepreneurial hedge fund ventures such as Milestone International and LongPoint Partners.

He was most recently a senior portfolio manager and Director of Research for Leuthold Weeden Capital Management involved in both tactical asset allocation and stock selection strategies.

In addition to his extensive exposure to a variety of long-only equity strategies, he has significant experience in running long/short strategies and was one of the early practitioners in the field of global tactical asset allocation.

Mr. Weigel has authored over ten journal articles in a variety of academic journals, including The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Financial Analyst Journal, The Journal of Investing, and The Journal of Management Science. He is also a frequent speaker at investment conferences and television business programs.

Mr. Weigel received an M.B.A degree in Finance from the University of Chicago, where he was the recipient of the Dart & Kraft Fellowship Award for students of Hispanic origin. He also has a M.S. degree in Applied Economics & Statistics from the University of Minnesota and graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. degree.

He also has passed the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board FSA certification dealing with sustainable investment best practices.

He was born in Washington, DC into a multi-cultural family and spent a significant amount of his early years living in Latin America and Europe. His passions are his three children, sports and global economics.

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