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The Equity Observer The Equity Observer is a cutting-edge monthly newsletter for active and professional investors that provides powerful insights into today’s markets. Using compelling visual charts and easy-to-read key points, it simplifies complex market data and translates it into actionable money-making ideas for the future. It identifies market opportunities and risks and how they relate to varying investment goals and investor attitudes. Most importantly, it provides a step-by-step intelligent investment process that is based on math, science, and objective analysis, not the latest news pundit’s opinion.

Taking a holistic view of the global economic, political and social landscape, The Equity Observer answers all the critical questions that impact your returns. What is the current state of investor risk aversion? How will political tension, technological innovation or public opinion shape the markets? What geographical regions or industrial sectors show the greatest potential for growth? What does this mean for your long-term and short-term investment goals?

The Equity Observer is your one-stop newsletter to continually stay one-step ahead of the markets and the competition. We provide forward-looking investment expertise with an emphasis on taking action and being accountable, not overwhelming you with market theory and ambiguous strategies. Try it free for the first three full months – you can cancel at any time. Continue your monthly subscription for $200 per month or one annual payment of $2,000. Sign up now and receive the latest issue of The Equity Observer today.

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