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From Bear Market to Sector Rotation – It’s All a Bit Confusing Now!

This year has been a roller coaster for global equity investors. From the weak start to the year to the recovery in early March it has left investors with more questions than answers.  Are we in a bear market? Are we just pausing until global growth resumes?

Lots of questions and few answers, but maybe we can distill some useful information from the recent price action of global equity markets. In a world where the headlines revolve around broad market indices such as the S&P 500 or the Nikkei 225 much is left unexplored.

In this note we look at the technical characteristics of our global equity sample (13,000 stocks) for clues as to what may be going on behind the scenes. We search the readings from our Technical Stage Model for clues. For further details on our methodology please read our post Getting All Technical

technical stages chart

What we find is great investor indecision – over 40% of stocks in our global sample reside in the Improving Stage.  

While historically one would expect these stocks to keep on moving up higher to the Break Out Stage there is also a non-trivial probability of regressing to the Down Turn Stage hence our characterization of the Improving Stage as indecisive.

We also find a strong rotation away from sectors and equity styles that out-performed last year toward much maligned resource-oriented sectors and countries.

Is the current technical picture more consistent with a Bear Market or an ongoing strong sector rotation toward out-of-favor sectors?  Will the recovery in resource- oriented sectors last?

Click here to download the report:Strong Sector Rotation or a Bear Market?


Eric J. Weigel
Managing Partner and Founder of Global Focus Capital LLC


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