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Yikes – The Asset Class with the Best Long-Term Prospects is Imploding

Growth and Momentum Keep Delivering

Weekly Equity Market Highlights

  • Global equities under-performed bonds by a wide margin over the last 5 trading days
  • EM equities, in particular, are taking a huge hit – down almost 6% in the last 5 days
  • We rate EM equities as having the best long-term prospects but yikes, this hurts
  • Chinese stocks are imploding – is this all about a trade war or more significant trade issues?
  • Year-to-date US equities are vastly out-performing international assets – strong home bias plus an appreciating US dollar
  • Earnings season in the US is almost over – a good season was had by most
  • Value lost less than Growth in the US last week – is that out-performance?
  • Low volatility and high yield had gained last week but value indices were down


Countries & Region:

  • Tough week all around with the US losing the least
  • EM equities have been on a downward trend this year and it got worse this week with the index down 5.3%
  • China’s equity market continues to be very volatile. Trade war jitters have had a much larger effect on Chinese stocks – stocks were down over 6% in the last 5 days
  • Global sectors had losses except for Utilities and Staples – a tough week overall
  • Energy stocks keep getting whipsawed by the commodity




Style & Sector:

  • In the US, low vol and dividend yield were winners over the last 5 trading days
  • The “Value” comeback seems highly dependent on the path of interest rates
    • When people worry about rising rates “value” stocks take a hit, when they don’t they do well
  • Momentum took a hit last week – this style is quickly losing steam but still remains top dog for 2018
  • EM and International Developed equities continue their down trend
  • A big factor in relative performance rankings is the direction of the US dollar

This Coming Week:

  • Risk Aversion – expect the RAI to jump into the Neutral Zone
    • Investors keep under-pricing risk
  • Will value only outperform growth when interest rates in the US drop?
    • Will EM equities recover? The Turkey currency crisis merits some attention. Watch out for contagion effects
  • Are Chinese equities going to implode or is this temporary? Is the down trend due to tariffs or domestic growth issues?

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Eric J. Weigel

Global Focus Capital LLC



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